Our Gaskets

All gaskets are made to order and we can supply any quantity from a single 1 to a 1,000. They are either a copper/non-asbestos/copper sandwich; or solid coper if required.

Bespoke Cylinder Head Gasket Making Service

Typical Gaskets we have recently had made both for customers and as stock items:

Gasket Set AEC 7.7 ltr Head Gasket

AEC 505 Decoke sets

Ailsa Craig RF2/4 Head Gasket

Albion EN218 and EN218 Head Gasket

Crossley 19.4 hp Head Gasket and Manifold set.

Jaguar SS 2664cc Head Gasket

Leyland 8.6 ltr diesel (1933-48) Head Gasket

Lister 'D' Head Gasket

Perkins 6305 Head Sets

Stuart Turner ST4 Head Gaskets

Fordson E27N  Perkins P6 sump gasket set.